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Marshall-Islands-FlagWelcome to the Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office (EPPSO) Internet website under the Office of the President, Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI).

This website contains many key statistics and indicators concerning the people, the economy and life in the RMI.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of both the public and the private sectors through the provision of their statistical information. This information has been collected, compiled and processed in close cooperation with relevant Government departments and agencies, as well as semi-government agencies, other institutions and non-profit institutions - all to which the EPPSO is highly indebted.

This statistical website will serve as a major source of information both within the RMI and the wider international community. It will be updated on a quarterly basis or as statistics become available to this office.

We would like to thank the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Statistics Programme, Pacific Regional Information System (PRISM) project for training, equipment and technical assistance provided. Users can also visit the Insular Areas Statistical Enhancement Program Website (U.S. department of the Interior) for additional statistics.

We trust that this website will be of great use to all visitors. If you have any comments and suggestions as to how we can imrpove this website to better serve your needs, please feel free to send them to us at[email protected].


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