The provision of public utilities in general has greatly contributed to the advancement of the RMI's living standards. The challenge is to expand these services to a a larger percentage of the population at a reasonable cost. However, by doing so, the cost of the services increases given the cost of the currently available more advanced technology and the cost of reaching a broader segment of the population especially those resident in the outer islands.

Information on the current level of access to these services are provided by the Utility companies and other sources such as censuses and surveys conducted by the EPPSO.



The Ministry of Transport and Communications is responsible for the overall regulation, promotion and development of transportation and communications in the Marshall Islands. The country has international airports at Majuro and Kwajalein and airstrips all inhabited atolls and islands. Besides Majuro, there are other three designated international ports of entry: Enewetak, Ebeye and Jaluit.

Statistics presented here are provided by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and other sources such as censuse and surveys.

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